Renegade Heroes Series

The Blue Effect, Episode One: Paper Dolls

Blue Brennan is as intelligent as she is beautiful, but she knows when people look at her, all they see is a pretty face. With no family or friends, she also knows she’s alone in the world. She tells herself she’s fine with that, after all, the only person you can trust is yourself.
Then she meets Kasey, an unusual and oddly appealing man who sees right through all the barriers she’s erected. He reveals himself as much more than an ordinary man through a strange vision, and introduces her to his equally extraordinary friends.
Kasey insists that Blue is one of them, but she resists, too scared to let herself become part of something.
Going back to her lonely existence, she finds herself more alone than ever. When her emotions take over in one terrible moment, the powers she denied rage out of control, and she realizes the only person who can help her is Kasey.
But finding him means finding herself. Is Blue ready to face the truth about who, and what, she is?

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The Blue Effect, Episode Two: The Revelation

Before Blue Brennan met Kasey and his friends, she was her own worst enemy. Now, she knows they are all part of the next evolution of mankind, each with amazing abilities.
But their darkest days are still ahead.
Through Kasey’s visions, they uncover the existence of a terrifying villain; one with powers greater than their own. They know a showdown is imminent, and quickly begin training Blue to use her abilities deliberately instead of accidentally.
As she struggles to gain control of her powers, the love between her and the charismatic and quirky Kasey grows; but so does her unwilling and strange attraction to the gruff and wildly handsome Avery.
She finds herself caught between the two and the tension grows to unbearable heights until a shocking revelation uncovers the source of their attraction.
Now, they realize the only way to find and stop the villain is next to impossible: the three of them must put aside their differences and work together.

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The Blue Effect, Episode Three: The Last Dance

Meeting Kasey, the love of her life, has changed Blue Brennan’s entire world. Now, she’s part of a covert group of renegade heroes, each of them with awesome powers. They spend their days hiding in the shadows and doing what they can to protect humanity from themselves.
But Kasey has a secret; Blue has seen portions of his visions and the terrifying moment of his death at the hands of the gruesome villain they’ve desperately been searching for. He has more power than they’ve ever seen, and a thirst for death.
Worse, he knows about them and now he’s coming for Blue.
The heroes’ race against the clock to find him, but when they do, Blue must confront her dark past. In doing so, she discovers an even darker mystery stretching back to the day of her birth.
Desperate to protect her new friends and save Kasey, Blue must make a choice when the final battle arrives. She wants to be a hero, but to do so she must push herself harder than she ever has before; she must push herself beyond the limits of space and time.

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The After Effect, Episode One: Reflections and Dreams

Kasey and his friends are fringe heroes. They use their abilities to protect society, until their last battle leaves Kasey almost dead. Disillusioned, they leave the city in search of peace.
But peace is the last thing they’ll find. Ever since Kasey escaped the cold fingers of death, his powers have been running wild. Dreams that seem more like nightmares haunt him day and night. It doesn’t take long for his girlfriend, Blue, and the others to notice.
In the lush forests of northern Idaho they meet a brand new hero whose shocking revelation sheds new light on Kasey’s strange behavior.
Kasey soon realizes he can’t control the changes occurring, but somehow he must stop what’s happening to him before he hurts the people he loves.
And the key to everything is inside his dreams.

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The After Effect, Episode Two: Resolutions into Revolutions

Kasey and his renegade heroes were looking for peace in their new home, but peace is the last thing they’ll find. Instead, they are once again thrown into a world of deception and intrigue deep in the forests of northern Idaho.
They have also added to their numbers; Rayne Fontaine has powers beyond anything they previously imagined; but with her power comes an otherworldly revelation, and a terrible solution none of them can accept.
Worse, Kasey’s dreams are still haunting him, and soon they are all too real as he comes face to face with the nightmares of his past, and they soon realize that the past is never really gone.
Will the heroes find the strength to face the consequences of their mistakes? Or will Kasey be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice?

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