The Blue Effect, Episode Two: The Revelation


Before Blue Brennan met Kasey and his friends, she was her own worst enemy. Now, she knows they are all part of the next evolution of mankind, each with amazing abilities.
But their darkest days are still ahead.
Through Kasey’s visions, they uncover the existence of a terrifying villain; one with powers greater than their own. They know a showdown is imminent, and quickly begin training Blue to use her abilities deliberately instead of accidentally.
As she struggles to gain control of her powers, the love between her and the charismatic and quirky Kasey grows; but so does her unwilling and strange attraction to the gruff and wildly handsome Avery.
She finds herself caught between the two and the tension grows to unbearable heights until a shocking revelation uncovers the source of their attraction.
Now, they realize the only way to find and stop the villain is next to impossible: the three of them must put aside their differences and work together.


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