The Blue Effect, Episode Three: The Last Dance


Meeting Kasey, the love of her life, has changed Blue Brennan’s entire world. Now, she’s part of a covert group of renegade heroes, each of them with awesome powers. They spend their days hiding in the shadows and doing what they can to protect humanity from themselves.
But Kasey has a secret; Blue has seen portions of his visions and the terrifying moment of his death at the hands of the gruesome villain they’ve desperately been searching for. He has more power than they’ve ever seen, and a thirst for death.
Worse, he knows about them and now he’s coming for Blue.
The heroes’ race against the clock to find him, but when they do, Blue must confront her dark past. In doing so, she discovers an even darker mystery stretching back to the day of her birth.
Desperate to protect her new friends and save Kasey, Blue must make a choice when the final battle arrives. She wants to be a hero, but to do so she must push herself harder than she ever has before; she must push herself beyond the limits of space and time.


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