“Rose is an exceptional editor. She doesn’t pull punches. She knows her craft and let’s you know what needs to be fixed in your manuscript. Working with her is a delight. She’s brought a fresh perspective to my projects. “

Charles Millhouse, Author

“Rose worked with me for about 16 months on various editorial jobs with an emphasis on content editing. She has a keen eye for what makes a story work and for finding and extracting talent from her authors. Her honest and kind notes, her professionalism, and her passion for making books shine make her an excellent editor. Not only will she bring aptitude and experiences, she will also quickly become an editor you will want to work with again.”

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Myra Fiacco, Former Editorial Director/Publisher at Filles Vertes Publishing

“… both professional and approachable, striking that hard balance between someone I was comfortable talking to and someone I knew had the best interests of getting the novel publish-ready at heart.”

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K. Childs, Author